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Saddle Mule Auction - Jake Clark Mule Days, Ralston WY
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2019 Auction Mules


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HIP #01

Rivers is a 15 hand, 12-year-old mare mule that weighs 1100# and is a beautiful palomino color. She is absolutely gentle in every way; being good to clip, catch, shoe, and good about her ears. We have used her in our wilderness outfitting business for 4 years and has seen...More


HIP #02

JUBILEE has the perfect looks and temperament. She definitely has the chrome. She has been rode thousands of miles in Wisconsin, Minnesota , Texas and all over Arkansas trails . She is a luxury ride for sure. She's just the right age and will only get better and better. She's...More


HIP #03

Cash is a very friendly 9 year-old brown mule that stands 14.2 hands tall and weighs close to 1,000 lbs. We sold Cash at Jake's sale last year to Mr. Ray Petersburg. Ray loves Cash but unfortunately a recent health issue has prevented Ray from being able to ride and...More


HIP #04

Duke is an 8 year old John mule. He has been my personal mule for the last year and a half. He is gentle and very personable and loves attention. We have rode Duke on trail rides and on the ranch and he is great. He rides one handed and...More


HIP #05

Queen is out of Watch Joe Jack/Hollywood Dunnit mare Queen has had lot outside work moving cattle from pasture to pasture , been used in Sale barn back penning cattle , been National Chuckwagon Races Clinton, Ark. Lots of trail miles , Queen has a little rocking chair canter ,...More

Sweet Vidalia

HIP #06

Sweet. Broke. Gentle. A kind eye and a big heart. Vidalia will win you over with her gentle nature. An easy to catch mule that moves nicely off your leg with a great handle, whether it’s a neck rein or being soft and bendy on a direct rein. Vidalia lays...More

Hill Billy Delux

HIP #07

Billy is a nice dun molly mule who is reliable and safe. She likes to go and steps out on the trail. She is bold and confident and will go anywhere you point her. Water, bridges or any kind of rough country will not be a problem for Billy. She...More

Johnny Boy

HIP #08

Johnny Boy is an all around kinda mule that really likes people. He is easy to catch and shoe. He drives really well both single and double. He has been used extensively in the mountains both on a grazing permit behind cattle and also in hunting camp. He has been...More


HIP #09

Maggie is a sweetheart 💕 she is a beautiful 14.1h, 7 yr old bay mare mule. Maggie joined our family as a 4 yr old. She is super sweet, meet you at the gate, in your pocket kind of mule. A great family mule, gentle enough for the kids, she...More


HIP #10

Legends is the PERFECT family mule. All of my kids can ride him and you can do any job off of him. He is extremely safe and gentle. He has done everything and anything you can think of. Trail rides, pack trips, hunting exscurrsions, ranch work, brandings, parades, playdays, show...More

Miss Sugar Cookie

HIP #11

Talk about Sweet!! Sugar Cookie has been Amy's personal mule and she has shown her successfully in NASMA as well as Pinto Long Ears and has points in both. She has also been ridden extensively on the trails by adults as well as youth. She is absolutely safe on the...More


HIP #12

Yahtzee is as cute a mule as you are going to find. He is one hand broke and moves off your legs. He is a shorter mule, but his good bone and deep heart girth allow him to be an all day kind of mule. He has been a good...More


HIP #13

BONFIRE, 2013 SORREL JOHN MULE. Bonfire is an amazing talented mule. He is beautiful, with four high stockings and a pretty head. Bonfire has been ridden thousands of miles in the mountains of Montana and Utah. He has been also been packed with camp gear and elk meat and horns....More


HIP #14

Rio is a special mule that doesn't come along often. He is really broke with a good neck rein and a big stop. He is very good to be around and probably the gentlest mule I have ever ridden. He has a smooth trot and easy lope. Rio has been...More


HIP #15

Wishbone has been my main riding mule for the past couple years. He has been used in the mountains and on the trails. He has been used in hunting camp, packing, guiding, riding. He's great in the string - you can put him anywhere and he does great. He is...More

PairADice’s Kelsie

HIP #16

PairADice’s Kelsie is a 14.3 hand sorrel mare mule that has excellent conformation. She is big hipped, has a clean neck, broad chest, cute head and a great back to hold a saddle. We started this mule when she was three (3) and have used her ever since for everything...More


HIP #17

Uber is a 2008, 15h, horse (john) mule sired by the great 'Horseshoe Hill Colonel' jack. I've done a lot hog hunting on Uber, leading dogs, travelling in some very rough Ozark country going 20+ miles in a day. Uber has been used in stockyards penning cattle. He is really...More


HIP #18

Jewel is a once in a lifetime partner. She’s safe, gentle, gorgeous to look at with the mind and ability to do anything you ask of her. She’s like a 4 wheeler in the trail going up and down the roughest, rockiest and steepest trails you’d ever find. Confident riding...More


HIP #19

Hubert is a 7-year-old, black john mule. Standing at 14.2 hands tall, Hubert is the perfect height for anyone to easily get on. Hubert is a pleasure to be around and would be a great addition to anyone’s herd. Hubert is a finished ranch mule and has been started team...More


HIP #20

Kate is a very nice saddle mule has been from the country to town and back, used in the sale barn to sort and she is quiet and works gates very well. I have roped on her, drug calves, doctored and tagged calves outside on her, been used just about...More


HIP #21

Callie is a beautiful red & white paint mare mule that stands 15.2 hands tall and weighs 1300#. She is 7-years-old and has been ridden for the last 3 years in all types of situations on the mountain. She has packed meat, horns, kitchen panniers, and duffle, has crossed rivers...More


HIP #22

If your looking for an all around mule to use everyday for anything your heart desires, look no further than “Clown”. She is a gorgeous, 9 year old molly mule. She will get you noticed in the arena, in the pack string, in your hometown parade or dragging calves to...More


HIP #23

Memphis is a good looking quarter type 13 year old john mule that is black with brown points. He is a true 17 hands tall, a very quiet, gentle giant. Memphis will go absolutely anywhere you point him, crosses bridges, water and logs. He is broke to Clinton Anderson method....More


HIP #24

Lugnut is an outstanding mountain mule, he has been there and done it all. He has spent most of his life being used by an outfitting business in Arizona. Lugnut will both ride and pack, he is our go to mule for hunting and trail riding. This mule tacks up,...More


HIP #25

A very fancy black blue roan john mule. He is a very nice easy to get along with kind of mule. Bridger is talented in the arena, safe on the trails, and very seasoned on trail. Absolutely pretty to look at and rides just as good! He is safe in...More


HIP #26

CHESTER is an amazing mule thats for sure. He can do so many different disciplines of riding. He can do all types of English classes or Westerrn classes at the shows . We have attached some of his pics from Bishop Mule Days when he won the All Around Green...More


HIP #27

Cheese is absolutely gentle and kind. He loves people and is the first one to meet you at the gate. He puts his head in the halter to be caught and is always happy to go for a ride whether it is a job on the ranch or down the...More

Sugar Socks

HIP #28

Sugar Socks is a gorgeous, 6 year old molly mule. She is as fancy as a Vegas show girl with lots of class. We have had her the past two years and have really enjoyed her. She is as soft and light as you can ask one to be. She...More


HIP #29

Fran is a 10-year old Dun Molly Mule that stands 14.3 hands. She is very friendly and loves attention. Fran is good around children, dogs, cats, and loud noises. She has lots and lots of trail miles, crosses water, and has been started with packs and under harness. She catches...More

Bocephus,, aka" hank jr..

HIP #30

Bocephus, aka "hank jr" I've been very fortunate to own and ride some great mules in my life and bo is right there at the top of my list. For the last year bo has been my one and only mule for every job I have in front of me....More


HIP #31

Aussie: 8 yrs old, 14/2 hands tall , red sorrel , molly Mule, 1,000 lbs , Aussie is quarter type mule with good bone , Aussie is all around mule , has lots of Trail miles , in the hills , deer camp , has been squirrel hunting on ,...More

Rafter F Jeffrie

HIP #32

Jeffrie has been my own personal mule for the past 4 years. He is broke and in the bridle. He knows his leads, opens gates and has a nice stop and turnaround. Jeffrie loves people and is friendly and kind. He can be turned out for months and he will...More


HIP #33

Ringo has been trail ridden a lot, and is traffic safe .We have taken him on hunting and camping trips and has been great in the mountains. He has been used at brandings to sort calves and has drug plenty to the fire. Ringo is good in the arena and...More


HIP #34

HONEST. GENTLE. TRUSTWORTHY. MOUSE is a one of a kind, once-in-a-lifetime mule. She is Kind, Gentle, Confident, and Talented. She is willing and always ready to please no matter the task. She is accepting of almost anything, whether it be ropes, tarp, whips or guns. Mouse is safe & trustworthy...More


HIP #35

MARIA is a finished Gymkhana mule and wins alot. She has won at Jake Clark's in barrels, poles, goat tying, team roping, team sorting and mounted shooting. She gives all her heart when you ask for it. On a softer side, she will take care of the kiddos or adults...More


HIP #36

Huckleberry is a very classy 8yr old red john mule with 4 high white socks. Huckleberry is an all around heck of a nice mule. He has been ridden and packed in some really steep country and takes care of himself and his rider. Huckleberry is extremely gentle, however he...More

Feelin Foxy

HIP #37

Penny is sure to be a sale highlight! She is a true all around mule. She rides Western or English, jumps, drives, runs a reining pattern, works a cow, been roped off of, coon hunted on, and just about anything else you'd want to do. She's soft in her face,...More


HIP #38

Tim is a handsome 14.3h Red Roan 7 yr old horse mule. Tim joined our family as a yearling. He has always been fun to have around, he has a great personality, smart, and willing to please. Tim has been trail rode a lot. Tim has ponied other mules and...More


HIP #39

Daisy is and extra pretty grey molly mule that will really ride around and have a great handle. She really likes people and is always easy to catch and be around. Daisy was used all last summer in the Big Horn mountains behind cattle and then used for hunting and...More


HIP #40

Like is a people friendly molly that rides and packs. She has a cool brand too. She is kind, gentle, and hard to fluster. She has a lot of heart, moves out smooth and steady, and navigates obstacles with ease. She has seen plenty of mountains and rough country while...More


HIP #41

Gorgeous and loud colored! Porkchop will do anything you want to muleback. He has a great running walk and can cover some country. Goes right where you point him wether it’s through the water, mud, brush or into the back of a pickup truck. Porkchop has been roped on, ranched...More


HIP #42

Cheerios is an extremely gentle mule that is always a pleasure to have around. You can go out and catch this mule tack her up, bathe, clip, shoe and haul her without any issues. She is an excellent mule to ride and will take care of anyone. She has been...More


HIP #43

He is a power tool mule- with that means he can handle every type of riding situation or scenery we put him in. Cactus was previously in several mule shows, both English and Western. He was shown by a young girl in Dressage and Western Pleasure. Cactus participated in many...More


HIP #44

P.D. (NASMA registered Princess Diana) is a 2009,15h, big, stout, dun, mare mule. She is a daughter of the great jack Horseshoe Hill Colonel. PD started in the show ring as a weanling where she won her futurity class and won every other halter class she was in (she was...More

Sally Anne

HIP #45

Sally Anne is a pretty sorrel molly mule. She is 12 years old and stands 14.3 hands tall. We had her consigned to Jake's sale last year but drew her out because of a lump on her jaw, from which she shortly recovered but at the time of the sale...More


HIP #46

Scotchie is a special mule that I am proud to offer for your consideration. He has doctored sick calves at weaning and works a rope well. He has halter broke colts, gathered Powder River breaks in the winter, drug calves to the fire and roped in the arena. He is...More


HIP #47

SKIPPY, 2011 BLACK MOLLY MULE. Skippy is a very sweet gentle mule that loves people. She is 8 years old, 14.2 hands and beautiful with a pretty head and round hip. She is out of a gaited mare but she is not fast-gaited – she just has a wonderful walk....More


HIP #48

Breezy is a safe, sound, sensible, fun mule. She is stout but not soggy or drafty and has the right amount of go, not slow, not chargy. She rides in front, back or off by herself. She trots and lopes figure eights one-handed, transitions smoothly from walk, trot to lope...More


HIP #49

There is a lot to be said about PUFF. She is one of the most phenomenal riding mules we have ever owned. She has put herself out there for us over and over. She has amazing worth ethic. She is completely finished on Heading & Heeling. We have won 2...More

Rafter F Shady Lady

HIP #50

Shady is another of our home grown mules and is by our old mammoth jack Colt 45. Her mom was a cow bred quarterhorse mare. Shady is a kind and friendly mule who tries hard to please her rider every day. She is careful. quiet and sensible. She has been...More
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