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2018 Auction Mules

After May 1, view the PRINTED CATALOG as Follows:
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HIP #01

I have owned this mule for 4 years. She’s been ridden and packed with just anything, and leads anywhere in the string. You will like her best in the front because she won’t pull back while she is being lead. She crosses water well, good to shoe, loads, hauls and...More

Rafter F August Surprise

HIP #02

"Gussie" is a gorgeous 15.2 hand molly. She is sweet and kind and always easy to catch. She is good about her ears and easy to shoe. She has a soft mouth and understands leg cues. She is safe and reliable on the trail and in the arena. Gussie is...More


HIP #03

Dillon is a very easy to get along with mule. He catches well, and is great with his ears and feet. He is a smooth walking mule and pack anybody or anything. He has mostly been used for hunting and trail riding. Good in any weather, daylight or dark, through...More


HIP #04

Josie is a 14.3h mare mule. She is 8 yrs. old. Josie is as sweet♡ as they come. Josie has been used for a lot of different things. A good friend of ours used her all last summer to move his goats and sheep to different pastures everyday and also...More


HIP #05

Paige is a registered in NASMA (Gallant American Paige). She is gentle been in trail ridden and has been used outside on the farm for moving cattle. She has a real nice lop and soft jog trot. Paige would be an asset to anyone's program could be a show mule...More


HIP #06

Tierra is a 15.1 hand, 7 year old, flashy looking brown, molly mule. If you're looking for a family mule, here she is. Kids, guests, and our guides rode this mule many miles. She's use to crossing, bridges, rivers, bogs, and high logs. She's been on many hunts from riding...More


HIP #07

Jonas is a very handsome and classy Dun mule with 3 white socks that is gentle and willing. He likes people has a nice one handed neck rein, side passes, and has the buttons. He is easy to catch and shoe, load and haul, will ride off alone, has been...More


HIP #08

This is a calm sweet mule. He rides, drives and packs. He has been trail rode on extensively in all types of terrain. We rode and drove him and Gus at the National Championship Chuckwagon Races in Clinton, AR both night and day. He is the type of mule anyone...More


HIP #09

CALYPSO is a nine year old flashy GENTLE bright sorrel stocking-legged john mule. He is 15.2 hands and has massive experience in the mountains. He has led the string and been packed everywhere in it. Calypso has been ridden by experienced, intermediate and novice riders. He is very good-natured and...More


HIP #10

Pearl is a nice 8 year old,15 hand, Molly mule. We have owned her for 2 years and taken her on a few hunting and fishing trips in the mountains. I have also done a little bit of ranch work on her. She is good to be around and easy...More


HIP #11

Tiny is a gentle giant. Standing a firm 16 hands, he has a heart as big as Texas! He loves attention and is a very personable fella. He’ll be in your back pocket as soon as you walk in his pen. He is good to catch, bridle, and shoe. I’ve...More

PairADice’s Josie

HIP #12

PairADice’s Josie is a super fancy looking 14 hand mare mule that anyone can ride. She has tons of miles trail riding by every age rider. I have used her in the stockyards all winter because she is the right height for mounting with extra layers for the cold weather....More


HIP #13

Cash is a handsome brown John mule with the personality of a big dog. He is 14.2 hands tall and is very well put together. Everyone rides Cash from little kids to cowboys. He has spent months in hunting camp, he's packed elk and everything else, we have guided off...More


HIP #14

Sunshine is a 5 year old 14.3 mare mule, weighing in at 1050 lbs, she is a beautiful buckskin dun. She is a meet you at the gate kind of mule that puts a little sunshine into your day. She is super gentle, easy going, and a willing mule. She's...More


HIP #15

Mulberry is a beautiful, brown, 7 year old, Molly mule. Mulberry has been in our string for 3 1/2 years in our outfitting business. She rides and packs in the mountains flawlessly. She is good around dogs, good with her feet and her ears. She has packed everything including meat,...More

Big Booty Judy

HIP #16

Big Booty Judy is one of the best looking mules you will lay eyes on. Her name is very descriptive of her looks. She has a nice big hip, and the cutest head you could put on a mule. Not only is she extremely good looking, she is as kind...More

Curly Bob

HIP #17

Curly Bob, a brown, horse mule is 5yo, 15 hands and weighs in at 1,050lbs. Curly is a nice, young mule, but has the mind of an old mule. He is stout made with a big hip. Catch him anywhere! He likes people and is very gentle. He has been...More


HIP #18

Cody is a nice big gentle black mule that has been my personal trail riding mule. Cody is a very loving mule with lots of personality and he is very easy going. I have rode him in snow, sleet and rain. He is a bomb proof trail mule with no...More


HIP #19

Great things come in small packages! Don't let Ruby's size fool you. She's all heart! She is soft in her face, moves off your legs well, and will go wherever you point her. We have coon hunted off of her and she gets around very well in rough country. If...More


HIP #20

Skye is out of Wayne Lackeys Jack (Olan) currently standing at Rockin NT Mules for Nathan and Tara Medcalf. Olan' colts are nationally known for their natural gentle disposition, Skye is a prime example. She was one of the featured mules from the very first American Mule Trainers Challenge (AMTC)...More

Country Boy

HIP #21

Country Boy is a very well trained saddle mule on both the ranch and trails. He will pack whatever is needed and gather cattle all day long. He is a very likable mule that is easy to look at, handle and be around. Levi King 208-739-2268...More


HIP #22

Cleo is gentle, 100% sound and really good about her feet. She has been on numerous mountain lion hunts and when we hunt lions we ride to the tree. She did a month long stint for the Game & Fish where they collected DNA on several lions per day. Cleo...More


HIP #23

Elegant, kind, talented, quiet, and correct all describe Aspen, an amazing 5 year old zebra dun molly. She is willing and curious on trails, works cattle, and packs a load, too. This people friendly mule is a joy to be around. She has many miles of trails in the Rocky...More


HIP #24

Murdock is a 14.2 hand, 13 year old sorrel john mule. From gathering cattle to the sorting pens, Murdock has been used for all aspects of ranch work. In addition, he has been used for hunting and packing on remote wilderness hunts. Murdock has proven to handle any challenge, no...More


HIP #25

Tuck, 11-year-old sorrel mule, 15 hands tall, very gentle and very well made quarter type shapey mule. Good to catch, shoe, loads good, clips good. He has been used in the mountains for his entire life as we raised him. We also packed Tuck. He will cross water, load in...More

Loretta Lynn

HIP #26

Loretta Lynn has been my go to mount whether I was hunting, gathering cows or branding calves for over a year. I used her for 90 days straight in the mountains at hunting camp. Both hunting off of her and packing meat and horns on her. She'll go where you...More


HIP #27

Macie is a 16 hand, 8 year old, good looking as they come, steel grey, molly mule. We have owned her since she was 2 years old. We started her out as a pack mule which was soon followed by riding. She's been thousands of miles in the backcountry crossing...More


HIP #28

Dixie is a 10 year old 15 hand Bay Mare Mule that is quiet, gentle and willing to please. She is a pleasure to be around and a great trail companion. We have used her extensively in the Ozarks for wild hog hunting and trail riding. Dixie has also been...More


HIP #29

Gracie was bred, born and raised to be a winner. She has proven herself fun and safe in all types of rugged country, yet is elegant enough for the showring. You will notice right away she is a great molly and if you take her home she will probably make...More


HIP #30

ALL AROUND MULE RANCH-TRAIL MULE Tiny has been used in doctoring numerous pasture cattle and dragging calves to the branding fire. Has been hog hunted off of, trail ridden and there isn’t a bridge, ditch or river he won’t cross. He’s a very willing mule and will do anything he’s...More


HIP #31

Alice is a nice, broke mule. She has a one handed neck rein and really travels out nice with a fast passed walk but yet on a loose rein. She has been on countless trail rides in the mountains and goes thru all kinds of water, boggy areas, over logs...More


HIP #32

You'll not find a sweeter, kinder mule. He's the first one to meet you at the gate. He loves everyone. He's also got that pretty Dapple Grey color to boot. He is very broke to ride and drive. He has been trail rode on extensively. He has been rode and...More

Rafter F Jade

HIP #33

Jade is gentle as a kitten, will meet you at the gate every day and follow you around like a puppy. Her favorite place to be is always with her human and you will fall in love with this pretty little molly mule the minute you meet her. She is...More


HIP #34

Frosti is 6 yr old mare mule. We have owned her since she was a baby. Frosti has been shown and always did really well. We have used her for a lot of different things at home from ponying colts to checking cattle to trail riding. She has been rode...More


HIP #35

THIMBLE is a fantastic 14.2 hand seven year old GENTLE broke mule. She is a pretty dark bay with white stockings. She is willing and a blast to ride. Thimble is deceptive with her cute head and smaller build – but she is tough and has never quit us no...More


HIP #36

June is an all around outstanding mule. She has the kindest personality and is willing to do just about anything that you ask of her. She will go for miles and miles both riding and packing in the mountains. June is a great mule that has no bad habits and...More


HIP #37

This mule will get you noticed, not only for his color or build, but for all that you can accomplish on him. Jeep has been primarily used on the ranch doing typical ranch jobs, but he excels at sorting cattle. Jeep has also been used in the mountains. This mule...More


HIP #38

Liza is a great mare mule an older gentleman we know raised and started in the bridle. Since we have owned her, we have worked on giving her a better handle and used her in competitions, parades and more. We have rode her at several Chuckwagon Races last year and...More


HIP #39

Barbie is an extremely nice and good looking mule. My kids have ridden her on the ranch and down the trail and have never had an issue. She is very well broke, my kids ride her from her pasture bareback with a halter and rope sometimes two of them. Barbie...More


HIP #40

Hershey is a fancy colored paint mule with lots of looks. He is very broke to ride for young and old. My 65 year old dad rides him all the time. He has been trail rode all over the Midwest and is finished on the trail. He really is fun...More


HIP #41

Fantasia is a 15 hand mule that is really smooth moving and fun to ride. She has been ridden in the mountains and around traffic. She is good to be around and is easy to get along with no matter what you ask of her. She has a nice neck...More


HIP #42

Jamie is a 9 year old gaited dunn mule and stands 15.2 hands. She is safe, sound and gentle for anyone. She has been used in hunting camp multiple times and used on the ranch calving and sorting pairs. Jamie has a good handle, moves off your legs and has...More

Mary Kay

HIP #43

Mary Kay is a flashy mule with all the chrome you could want. She is a nicely broke mule that will lope around really easy. Mary Kay is a soft mule that rides quietly. She has also been driven and is very to fun to drive. Mark Kay is handy...More


HIP #44

Husker has been a good ranch mule for the family. He stands 15 hands and weights approximately 1,000 lbs. In my opinion he’s the perfect using size. I’ve roped and doctored cattle with him, and drug calves to the fire. He will go anywhere you point him with ease. He...More


HIP #45

Willow is a 7 year old, sorrel Molly mule with a silver mane. She is stunning - we fell in love with her the first day we saw her. She has been my personal riding mule. She is gentle and safe enough that I have put clients on her and...More

PairADice’s Princess

HIP #46

Princess is a really classy, 14.3 hand mare mule that has excellent conformation. She has a big smooth hip, broad front end, clean neck and beautiful head. She is out of a good quarter mare and sired by the great jack Horseshoe Hills Colonel. I love all of the mules...More

Sally Anne

HIP #47

Sally Anne is a pretty sorrel mule that stands 14.3 hands tall. She was raised by a preacher man that knows and makes exceptional riding mules. Sally Anne became a bit of a celebrity in his community as she was his favorite mode of transportation...even to church. We have enjoyed...More


HIP #48

Frosty is a7 year old, 14.3 hand, red roan mare mule that weighs 1000 lbs. She will go anywhere you point her, this mules loves to go through the trails and help make them too. She crosses water, ditches and deadfall with ease. We've taken her on overnight camping trips...More


HIP #49

This is a gorgeous mare mule with outstanding color and almost perfect confirmation. She has a sweet willing attitude. She is very smart and picks up new things you introduce to her, very quickly. She has a great running walk and covers terrain the best. We think you will really...More


HIP #50

Frankie is a 7yo 15 hand 1000lb buckskin mare Frankie is as pretty as they come! We have trail rode her all over, and she can cover the ground. She catches, clips and shoes good. Frankie has the color that's hard to find. She's a nice, easy going mule that...More
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